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Links to forms

(loaded with helpful tips and supported by years of experience – these are the forms we

actually use in our law practice, edited and modified to be as user-friendly as possible):

Florida Lease Termination Package ($29.95)
Florida Rent Withholding Package ($29.95)
Florida Security Deposit Dispute Package ($29.95)
Florida Eviction Defense Package ($49.95)

Settlement Agreement Between Landlord and Tenant Package ($14.95)

WARNING: Don’t rely solely on legal forms or instructional videos for legal advice, ESPECIALLY if you don’t fully understand how the law works on your issue. Florida Landlord-Tenant laws can get very complicated and every case is
factually different, and you should always seek legal advice directly for your situation. You can schedule a consultation with our attorney at, or seek the advice of a local landlord-tenant attorney in
your county. None of these instructions, forms, or videos available through should be understood as legal advice for your particular situation, and these materials should be augmented by legal advice of an

Link to the Florida Landlord-Tenant Act

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